Is Lifestyle Adjustment Enough to Cure ED?

Is Lifestyle Adjustment Enough to Cure ED?

The prevalence of erectile dysfunction is growing worldwide. If you look up to the modifiable risk factors for ED, you’ll find smoking, drinking habits, obesity, nutrition-less diet, metabolic syndrome, etc as common ones. These metabolic activities point out to men’s physical health directly or indirectly.

Drilling down more to this, the blood flow reaching the male genitals is inadequate if physical health is not aligned with sexual health. Here the chatter begins.

Lifestyle changes & Erectile Dysfunction: How do they connect?

Your lifestyle & daily routine creates a huge impact on your erectile health. Are you still wondering how? Well, nutrition and lifestyle are crucial factors in improving erectile function in males. Most doctors suggest exercising daily, lose weight, and takes a nutrition-rich diet, etc to men having ED problems.

Besides unhealthy lifestyle, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, side-effects of particular medicines, etc could be the underlying cause of impotence. Whatever it is, you should be very careful that none of these health factors influence your erections.

As your physical health conditions promote due to such nominal lifestyle adjustments, your erectile function will also improve. The logic is simple – as the unhealthy habits are kicked away, your testosterone levels are boosted. This helps a lot in getting better erections & men can also sustain it for a longer playtime during sex.

How impotence medicines can help along?

You’ll want to rely on natural resources for treating ED, just like most men out there. Won’t you give it a thought that using impotence medicines could ease your way?

Yes! Erectile dysfunction medicines or impotence pills are available on prescription. They’re mostly safe when consumed as per the instructions given by the doctor. Moreover, their availability in varied dosage strengths gives choices to men to get rid of ED without spending much.

Working on ED pills

Here is what impotence pills do for men suffering from erectile dysfunction:

ED pills like Vilitra 10, Tadarise 20, Kamagra 100mg, etc. contain the PDE-5 inhibitor class of drugs as their active ingredients. This active ingredient starts acting within an hour of intake. They intend to improve blood flow towards the penis by relaxing the stress around the smooth muscles of the pelvic organs. Additionally, they target boosting cGMP enzyme production and prevent its breakdown so that blood produces & passes continuously towards the penis.

As a result, it gets easier for men to gain & keep harder erections for a longer duration (around 4 or 5 hours). Not only this, they can satisfy their partners with back-to-back romancing sessions as these pills also reduce the refractory duration. This means that if you wish to get hard again after coming once, you can do so within 4 to 5 hours. Can it get any better for men with ED?


Relying on a sole treatment option may delay healing. For instance, using ED pills is great but you may not prefer to use them for a lifetime, right? Also, making nominal lifestyle changes may work in a long term. The best thing you can do is practice both of them together so that your health stays on track & your sex life goes smooth too.

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