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Manufacturer Sildenafil Citrate
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Buy Malegra 100 online at affordable prices from our store. Make sure you have a prescription with your physical & psychological health conditions disclosed to your doctor. This is also known as Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or impotence medicine that solves softer erections naturally. It is a high-power medicine to be used once per day only.

Malegra 100 contains Sildenafil as the key constituent.

What is Malegra 100 tablet used for?

Malegra 100 tablets are used to enhance the sexual performance of men & minimize the effects of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It makes it easy for men to get harder quickly & maintain this hardness for as long as they’re going to enjoy sexual activity within 4 to 6 hours.

How does Malegra 100 work?

The working of Malegra 100 mg pills is very natural. It gets activated when you enter into the mood for making love. In other words, sexual stimulation is required for Malegra 100mg to start working. Thereafter, Sildenafil (a PDE5 inhibitor) will begin lowering the blood pressure throughout the body. This blood flow is directed towards the penis to support fuller erections within 30 minutes. The erection thus attained has a lasting time of 4 to 6 hours approximately.

Malegra 100 mg Dosage Directions

Malegra 100 mg tablet is dosed like most oral medicines. It is swallowed with a glass of water. Make sure you’re taking Malegra 100 dosage before 30 minutes or a maximum of 1 hour prior to the sexual activity. This will give enough time for Malegra 100 mg to get into action when you’re sexually stimulated. The best part is you can take this ED pill with or without food. But, the recommended dose is with lighter meals or an empty stomach.

Malegra 100 Side Effects

Nausea, headache, dizziness, drowsiness, constipation, extended erection timings, etc. are some commonly observed side-effects among men using Malegra 100. To your surprise, some men may not see any of them, while some see them disappearing after 24 hours. Thus, these side-effects may appear differently, according to men’s health conditions.

Is Malegra 100 safe?

Malegra 100 is a widely popular ED pill that is safe to use for men of any age. So, if you’re using it according to the prescription, you’re on the right path for curing ED problems. Meanwhile, let us tell you that it is unsafe for women & children below 18. Also, it may endanger your health if you overdose on it.

Warnings & Precautions

  • Be very careful if you’re using Malegra despite having severe health problems like heart, kidney, liver, etc. You should tell your doctor about this beforehand. This will save you from adverse effects later.
  • Don’t forget to share your allergies & current medicines with your doctor for safe consumption of Malegra Sildenafil tablets.
  • Malegra 100 & alcohol aren’t friendly when consumed in combination. This means you should avoid alcohol for as long as you use Malegra 100 tablets.

Malegra 100 Reviews

Men using Malegra 100 are extremely satisfied with the results. Here are some reviews you should see.

“I’m using Malegra 100 tablets for 2 months now & I’m very happy with the quick erection timings of this ED pill.”

“I wish I could have used Malegra 100 mg much before. I recommend Malegra 100 to men suffering from ED by getting it prescribed by the doctor.”

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