Why Can’t I Get or Keep an Erection?

Why Can't I Get or Keep an Erection?

Erections are complex actions that seem to have a mind of their own. When they don’t happen when you need it, it can be disappointing and sometimes embarrassing.

This can happen, typically because blood vessels in the penis have narrowed, which is often the cause of erectile dysfunction (ED) in older men. Emotional and mental problems are usually issues for younger men.

Most cases of ED are caused by physical problems alone or in combination with emotional ones and some cases are caused only by emotional problems.

Just about any medical condition that affects your nerves or blood vessels could prevent you to have erections. Cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes can all lead to ED. Over 50% of men with diabetes experience ED.

Hormonal issues such as low testosterone levels can also cause ED but this is more common in older men. Prostate cancer treatments including surgery and radiation may also be the reason.

Could my Medicines Have Caused ED?

Several types of medications, like blood pressure drugs, muscle relaxants, and certain antidepressants can prevent you from getting an erection. If you think your medicine may be causing this problem, don’t just stop taking it. Talk to your doctor as he may provide other medications, or prescribe you ED medications such as Cenforce or Vilitra.

Could My Lifestyle Play a Role?

Lifestyle plays a major role in causing ED. Being overweight, lack of exercise, regularly drinking alcohol and smoking all can work against good blood flow which is the key to erections.

How About My Age?

Aging does not always cause ED however the problem is more common in older men. More than 4% of men in their 50s and about 17% in their 60s are unable to get erections, according to research conducted by the National Institutes of Health. More than half of men older than 75 have the problem.

Regardless of the reasons, it’s important to look for treatment and answers. Talk to your doctor about your condition. They may ask a few questions and run some tests to diagnose your condition and its severity. He may provide you with medical treatment such as Fildena, Vidalista, Tadarise, or Suhagra which can help you gain an erection when you need it.

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